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gopinath mohanthy

Posted: Apr 5th, '15, 14:34
by aravindakshan
Hi everybody. I am not from Orissa. I am from Tamil nadu. But want to know about gopinath mohanthy and generally your state's literature. Can anybody say how is Paraja novel.Iam planning to order the english translated one , since I don't read or understand odiya.. So its great right ?? Can I go forward and order.. And what are the other great Oriya books that has been translated into English. Any help is greatly appreciated..

Re: gopinath mohanthy

Posted: Apr 6th, '15, 23:12
by m_subrat
This odia novel " Paraja" is a famous novel. You can search for the novels written by famous odia writer Manoj Das. Some of his novels were translated into English.

Re: gopinath mohanthy

Posted: May 11th, '15, 15:52
by harithvh
I am from Kerala, I'm in need of clarification regarding a title in oriya script, I hope this does not override the policies of the forum.

I am looking forward to know how the title 'Padmamali' the 1888 novel by Umesh Chandra Sarkar is written in Oriya script, for one of my private studies on historical novels of India. I have managed to get two forms with the available transliteration schemes on the internet, but not sure whether either of them is right or wrong?, which are as follows:

1. ପଦ୍ମାମଲି
2. ପଦ୍ମମଲି

Kindly help me to ascertain the right one, or else please help in rendering the right one if both of them are wrong.

Thanks and Regards
Harith vh

Re: gopinath mohanthy

Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 16:47
by odishasareestore
Gopinath Mohanthy was an eminent writer from Odisha and anytime you can order his any novel.