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  1. Sankar says:

    Now a days daily train going on from Bhubaneswar to Keonjhar and also return train. So you can get train (Puri Keonjhar Express-18416) from Bhubaneswar and drop at Harichandanpur around at 11 AM . From Harichandanpur to Gatagaon is about 3 kilometer and regular taxi and auto available there. Again you will get return train (BBSR PURI Exp -18415) at 3 PM and reach bhubaneswar at 6.30PM.

    Now a days road condition not good from Cuttack to Keonjhar, I found this is good.

  2. Soumitra Samal says:

    What are the mode of transportation from Harichandanpur to Ghatagaon

    • sankar says:

      you will get auto from harichandanpur railway station to ghatagaon. All Cuttack to keonjhar or vice-versa bus going though Ghatagaon only. So you can choose which is best for you.

  3. V.P. Jain says:

    Being inspired, I am planning to visit ghatagaon in the month of Feb.2016 to have blessings of Maa Tarini, if would have been alive till then.

  4. Debasish sahoo says:

    Thank you Sankar for this valuable information.

  5. Hemanta Kumar Patra says:

    Ghatgaon MaaTarini Pitha is now well connected by Bus and Train.
    1)Puri-Barbil/Barbil-Puri express,stop at Harichandanpur 11km from Ghatgaon,then by taxi,auto or minibus mode.
    2)Through NH from Bhubaneswar/Cuttack via Dubri to Kendujhar, stop at Harichandanpur,then by above mode.
    3)Through NH215(now 4 lane) Panikoili to Rajamunda(Rourkela) or vice-versa,stop Directly in front of MAA at Ghatgaon.

  6. ratnakar biswal says:

    there is any hotel for staying.

  7. Sdarsan Dehury says:

    Jay Maa Tareni……

  8. BRAMHA NANDA says:

    there is any hotel for staying.

  9. Sipun & Dhana says:

    ମା ତାରିଣୀ ,,,,
    ମୋ ଧନ ର ଦେହ ବହୁତ ଖରାପ ତୁମୋ ତା ଦେହ ଭଲ କରି ଦିଅ

  10. Prasanta Saha says:

    How can I reached at Maa Tarini temple from HOWRAH by train which station and is there any hotel .
    Please inform me in detail.

  11. Debashis says:

    On Google map harichandapur to tarini shows 16km whereas from nilakantheswar its 13km.How to reach from nilakantheswar railway station

  12. Prasanta Kumar Sahu says:

    What are the other places from that again which are tourist place and how to go there

  13. jay maa tarini my fvrt plc excellnt visitar place number one plc .

  14. Diptiranjan says:

    is there any hotel or lodge for staying at night


    Please can you tell me how can i book Accommodation near ghatgaon Tarini Temple(MAA TARINI ATITHI NIVAS or MAA TARINI YATRI NIVAS).
    Is there any online option or only Offline??


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